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Xanthe Marina

Anglo-Greek Xanthe is spellbound by the unique lustre of jewellery, the rich glow of precious metals, and the limitless array of colours and cuts of gemstones. Since she was a child, Xanthe has loved anything that sparkled. “When my milk teeth started falling out, my mother asked me what the Tooth Fairy could bring me, my reply was "a pretty ring". My mother smiled and later hid a large, gold, pear shaped cocktail ring with a huge green stone (made of glass), I thought that this was amazing. I felt like I belonged in "Dynasty". I still have this ring tucked away with a few other pieces that have absolutely no monetary value but mean the world to me."

Renowned for: Designs that resonate with the cultural influences of her travels around the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Middle East, Europe and US.

As seen in: GQ (UK), Vogue (UK), Tatler (UK).

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Xanthe’s designs exude a magical quality that encapsulates the deep meaning and inherent emotional value of jewellery.

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