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X Jewellery

Based on the premise that every woman is unique, strong and independent, X jewellery has taken the understated elegance of the anchor chain and made it into a sophisticated, customisable, statement piece. Each link bears the signature “X”  opening, which allows it to be detached and reattached to different links according to the wearer’s whim: “By creating personalized and unique pieces of jewellery, we wish to celebrate strong women and their individuality, women who do not follow the path most chosen, but show the courage to take on the world with whatever they choose to do.”

Renowned for:  Combining classic art with functionality to elevate the world of component and personalised jewellery to exciting new levels.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because:   Sleek, elegant and truly personal, a piece by X Jewellery is a true celebration of your own style. 

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