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Shop White Christmas

White Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white christmas, just like the ones that JewelStreet’s designers have been creating. With more diamonds then stars in the night sky, we will be bringing you gifts of gold, frankincense, myrrh and more! Prepare to be frosted with the glistenings of our handmade jewellery this festive season. Let it snow!

Winter Wonderland

This selection is home to a diverse range of playful and tactile pieces. Take a look at our festive designs, including enchanting snowflakes, polar bears, angels, penguins and more. They make for great gifts and stocking fillers.

Who doesn't want a Guardian Angel watching over them? This beautifully handcrafted sterling silver Guardian Angel pendant with moving feet by Becky Rowe makes a lovely gift for someone you care about or even for yourself!
Designed by Fei Liu - This precious pendant features 8 heart shaped and 8 arrow shaped cubic zirconia stones on a stylish white rhodium setting which emulates the intricacy of winter wonders.
Icy Metal

This Christmas is all about ice-cold metals. Embrace the cooler tones of December with these silver and rhodium designs, that have been expertly handcrafted by skilled artisans from across the globe. Ranging from classic to contemporary, there is something to be added to everyone’s wish list this Christmas.

Carved from marble and set on a sterling silver, this ring exhibits the rock's unique texture, colour and shape, making each piece one-of-a-kind.
Beautiful sterling silver initials in Kit Heath's signature sweeping tapered font. These diamond initial necklaces are highlighted with a single diamond detail and fixed on a silver link 18" chain.
White Pearls

Your Christmas jewellery selection is not complete without white pearls.

Like snowdrops from the sky, our stunning selection of white pearls glisten and shimmer when the light hits them. With our help, you can look timeless, sophisticated and stylish this Christmas.

This geometric ring has a flat top and features a Freshwater Pearl on the side. The ring set in solid Sterling Silver. It can be worn by itself or mixed and matched with the Gold and Rose Gold version.
Inspired by natural forming geodes, little h designer Hisano slices a pearl in half, carves into the interior of the pearl and line it with luscious seed pearls in various sizes. The earrings are held by 14kt white gold setting.

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