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Vimanas Jewellery

An entirely unique fusion of nature and modern technology, Vimanas Jewellery founder Dee Fisher’s designs are made possible by real animals, as well as high-end 3D scanning and printing machinery. Dee has a technical background. He worked as a printing manager and engineer in the medical industry. He loved the idea of using contemporary tools to create beautiful objects, and one day he was inspired to scan real animals in order to create decorative accessories with a difference.  The subsequent pieces have got everyone talking.

Renowned for: Using 3D technology to accurately capture the features of rams, bulls, ravens, and other animals, and then reinventing them as dramatic pieces of jewellery made of gold, sterling silver, and diamonds.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Dee’s use of CAT scanning equipment and 3D printing gives his work an unprecedented level of authenticity. His pieces are real animals made miniature. 

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