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Vanleles Diamonds

Inspired by the rarity, beauty and intense colour of gemstones, VANLELES Diamonds use the gemstone’s provence and origin to mould the rest of the jewellery collection. Founded in 2011, by previous New York, London and Paris international model Vania Leles, Vania decided to turn her hand to jewellery designing and making after experiencing positions in some of the most esteemed jewellery organisations, including Sotheby's. Centred around her passion for feminine fine jewellery, Vania constructs elegant jewellery from rare and unique stones found on her travels. After witnessing the illegal diamond trade in Africa, Vania strives to source stones from ethical and sustainable origins, to deliver bespoke and up-to-date fashionable jewellery.

Renowned for: Vania is known to the industry for her dedication to providing quality fine jewellery using only conflict-free gemstones.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Vania’s contemporary designs provide the wearer with a feminine and classy appearance, but with an understated elegance

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