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After working as a lawyer in Paris, Virginie Dreyer moved to the Middle East and began to actively pursue her creative ambitions. This led to the creation of TinyOm in 2012. Its name coming from the ‘Om’ chant and mantra which celebrates creation, preservation, and liberation, the brand is known for designing talismanic, spiritual pieces. Virginie said: “My inspiration comes from universal symbols, ancestral tales, and the beauty of nature. Each TinyOm piece is designed with a protective purpose.”

Renowned for: 18kt rose and white gold jewellery handmade by the highly respected Al Zain jewellers based in Bahrain.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Virginie’s pieces aren’t just beautifully rendered fashion accessories. They’re symbols of peace and tranquillity that connect the souls of those who wear them to the world.

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