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Born in the USA and raised in Switzerland, Claudia Hug spent most of her childhood years travelling the globe, visiting magnificent settings such as Kenya and India. This is where she learned of her devotion to jewellery making. In 1983, Claudia decided to hone her skills with her mentor, Max Frei, of whom graduated Zurich’s College of Art during the Bauhaus period. Frei’s abstract design aesthetic inspired her to handcraft unique and diverse collections, encouraging the likes of the one-of-the-kind pieces that make the Swiss-Smith brand so recognisable today. Working with only locally sourced precious metals and ethically sourced coloured gemstones, Claudia’s keepsakes exude sophistication for a timeless elegance to be passed down through generations.

Renowned for: Claudia’s dedication to only using ethically sourced gemstones and locally sourced precious metals.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: The statement pieces exude femininity, whilst still striking a balance between luxury and wearability.

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