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Steven Douglas

Born and raised in the coastal suburbs of Southern California, Steven Biggs embraced outdoor pursuits of hiking and surfing. These childhood follies sparked Steven’s deep rooted love for the open air and particularly the ocean, which he later combined with his separate passion; jewellery making. Founding Steven Douglas in 1988, Steven set his sights on producing miniature sculptures and figurative jewellery of the highest standard, whilst still incorporating traditional jewellery making techniques. Without succumbing to computer aided design, Steven crafts every detail by hand, harnessing 14kt gold and solid sterling silver. Pearls are selected on their luster and cleanliness, while the gemstones are selected for their rich tones and outstanding clarity. From imagination to sentimental keepsakes, Steven Douglas dives into the world of whimsy to produce meticulously crafted jewellery designs.

Renowned for: Inspired by the ocean and it’s many forms, Steven Douglas exudes elegance in a whimsical and quirky fashion.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Unrivalled in design, Steven creates treasures fuelled by timeless techniques and handcrafted beauty.

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