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Stefano Salvetti

Stefano loves beautiful things. Growing up in Naples, Stefano acquired a taste for design and well-manufactured products from his father, a professional shoemaker with a passion for using the finest materials to make his creations. After qualifying in architecture, Stefano worked on Dominique Aurientis’ haute couture line and consulted with various Italy jewellery houses. His travels through South America highlighted his affinity with Brazilian culture and a more light-hearted way of life. Today Stefano creates designs without guile; each one crafted to express simple beauty.

Renowned for: Couture pieces in sleek lines and exquisite colours, designed to transcend fashion.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Stefano’s quest for truth and purity resonates through his work, resulting in designs that are contemporary with a romantic Italian flourish. 

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