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Spencer Fine Jewelry

Spencer Fine Jewelry reinvents the art of traditional portrait miniatures, pioneering the Spencer Portrait gemstone, which is set into the centre of a jewellery piece. Founded in 2016 by Melissa Spencer, the LA-based jewellery designer uses her inspiration from her education in photography, architecture and fashion design to mould personalised keepsakes, continuing her quirky creations by blending contemporary style with antique legacy. Once restricted to royals only, handpainted portraits upon lockets were a fashion trend in early history, showing depictions of Kings and Queens. Spencer Fine Jewelry have reinstated this trend using the proprietary process of projecting an image into a gemstone using a natural gemstone. Including Mother of Pearl, diamond and rock crystal quartz, the jewels are effortlessly framed into a body of 18kt gold and sterling silver, combing the cutting edge technique with timeless quality.

Renowned for: Pioneering the rebirth of portrait-based jewellery design.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: For those with a love of enduring arts, Spencer Fine Jewelry bring antique design into the 21st century, producing statement jewellery that lasts a lifetime.

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