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French brand Soligems – meaning ‘solidarity gems’ – was created by designer and jeweller Veronique Ragagnon. After identifying such a large contrast between the lavish world of jewellery and the poor living conditions in those countries in which precious gemstones are found, Veronique was inspired to choose the career she has today. Soligems supports the populations of countries such as Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania, through donations to local charities. In addition, Soligems only purchase gemstones straight from their source, a feat made possible by Veronique’s extensive network. Veronique studied gemmology at the University of Nantes and graduated from the French Institute National de Gemmologie. Her passion for jewels shows itself in all her designs, particularly in hues and cuts. Veronique’s designs are refined and elegant, and are all set in 18kt gold. They’re suitable for any event.

Renowned for: Unique jewels handmade in France which showcase and enhance the luscious beauty of gemstones.

Handpicked by JewelStreet becauseVeronique and her team at Soligems carve pieces complete with gemstones of unparalleled beauty, and every one of them is given a luxurious finish.

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