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“We believe jewellery is so much more than jewellery. It empowers you. It inspires you. It celebrates you.”

With roots in Mozambique and Portugal, designer Carla Sardeira has travelled the world, garnering inspiration for her original and eclectic jewellery from every corner of the globe. During her glittering career, she has honed her craft at top New York jewellery houses, working with big names like Tommy Hilfiger and Liz Claiborne before launching her own brand in 2010. Today, Carla creates fine jewellery with high-quality craftsmanship, drawing on her experiences in order to empower, inspire, and celebrate humanity at its best - SARDEiRA donate 10% of all their proceeds to an organisation committed to preserving and protecting both wildlife and marine life, and their natural habitats worldwide.

Renowned for: Distinctive fashion jewellery with an individual touch, inspired by the organic sensuality of nature and the nuances of tribal architecture.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Carla’s fashion pedigree is no joke – her years spent working with some of the design world’s biggest names have given her the skills and experience to create some incredible pieces that are truly unique.


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