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Rocks on a Rope

"I want my pieces to caress the feminine skin. Accentuate and celebrate the natural instead of creating a statement in sole aim to hide any flaws."

Dutch designer Claudia Lynsvelt felt inspired to create Rocks on a Rope after a trip to Brazil, where she found herself entranced by a mysterious femme fatale. From that spark grew an extraordinary collection of jewellery designed to reveal and complement a woman’s beauty from within. Working from her studio just outside Amsterdam, Claudia makes each piece by hand, showcasing carefully selected exquisite diamonds intricately laced into simple, minimal settings. Using rare coloured diamonds and fine metals, she forges stunning necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings that accentuate and celebrate the natural.

Renowned for: Spectacular diamonds in an innovative setting.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Rocks on a Rope take a simple, un-fussy approach to fine diamonds, letting the raw beauty of the stones shine through.


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