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Paolo Costagli New York

Regarded as one of the finest jewellery designers of New York, Paolo Costagli is recognised throughout the fashion industry for his sophisticated, modern and distinct designs for stylish women across the globe. Technical expert and founder, Paolo Costagli, captivates his expertise in jewellery design through his love of gemstones and rare diamonds, which he gained when he graduated from the Gemological Institute of America. Pushing to expand his knowledge on a daily basis, Paolo learned first-hand of the unearthing process combined with a hands-on approach to form a dynamic background in all jewellery elements. Winning many accolades for his pieces, including the Couture Design Award, Paolo is renowned for his decadently bold pieces of innovation, which are crafted from 18kt gold. Harmonising clean geometries and unique colour combinations, Paolo Costagli designs can be seamlessly taken from day to day accessories to evening adornments.

Renowned for: Renowned for his bold compilations, Paolo Costagli harmonises colourful gemstones and rare diamonds in 18kt golds for a unique fashion.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Inspired by the Italian landscape and architecture, Paolo’s designs pay acute attention to proportions, resulting in innovative trinkets.

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