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Onirikka Fine Jewelry

“Jewellery is legacy and we try to keep this in mind for each and every design.”

Gloria Rank began her eponymous brand, Onirikka, to design and handcraft spectacular pieces of jewellery with meaning, within the heart of New York City and Gloria’s native, El Salvador. Deriving from the word oneiric, Onirikka means ‘from dreams’, which in turn, have inspired Gloria to infuse her collections with natural and mystical beauty.

Powering the beauty is a luxury combination of quality semi precious and precious gemstones, master craftsmanship and top quality materials. Appealing to the modern woman, Onirikka use the transition from work to play to encourage a versatility to her pieces, being adorned whatever the time of day. Reawakening the true magic of jewel giving, Onirikka focus on exceptionality and exclusivity to ensure a timeless quality is always present in Onirikka designs.

Renowned for: A palette dedicated to the use of 18k gold with diamonds, precious and semi precious stones.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: The high spirited energy and passion that is inserted into Onirikka's collections is unmatched, creating jewellery adornments for all times of the day.

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