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November Birthstone: Topaz

If you’re born in November, you’ve got the choice of two birthstones – citrine or topaz. Citrine is said to be a healing gemstone that improves wellness and naturally rejuvenates vitality, whilst topaz is thought to balance emotions, release tension and bring joy to the wearer.

What is Topaz?
Topaz is a lustrous and brilliant precious gemstone that can be found it both warm and cool tones. Although the most common topaz stones are colourless or blue, topaz has an exceptionally wide colour range which includes shades from icy pale blue to bright, fiery orange.
Topaz is a versatile stone, whose hardness makes it resistant to scratches. It can be cut into a variety of shapes to enhance its clarity and brilliance.
During the Renaissance in Europe, people believed that the topaz was a magical and powerful gemstone that could break spells and dispel anger. In ancient Greece, they believed the stone gave them incredible strength and in India people believed that if worn above the heart, topaz would assure a long plentiful life, beauty and intelligence.
Topaz Meaning

Each variety and colour of topaz holds a different meaning. Pale blue topaz has traditionally been associated with learning, understanding, creative inspiration and peaceful communication, whilst white topaz is said to help clarify one’s thoughts and intentions.


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