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November Birthstone: Citrine

If you’re born in November, your birthstone is Citrine. The warm colour of this gem is said to be a gift from the sun and also said to have healing powers. Today, Citrine is believed to bring success to the wearer.

What is Citrine?
Citrine is a glassy yellow variety of quartz. Deriving from the French citron, which means lemon, the semi-precious stone gets its warm yellow to orange hue from a trace of iron found in its structure. Its attractive colour, paired with its durability and affordability, makes it one of the most popular and frequently purchased yellow-to-orange gemstones.
Due to natural citrine being rare, most citrine is formed from heat treatment, which also causes some amethysts to change from a pale violet colours to a rich yellow shade. The popular stone is commonly used in jewellery, with pieces up to 20 carats being very readily available. Citrine is most commonly found in places such as Brazil, Africa, Russia, France and Madagascar.
In addition to wealth, the citrine meaning is also commonly linked to promoting positivity because instead of holding negative energy, it breaks up and eliminates any unwanted negative energies. This also makes it a very useful stone for meditation, psychic awareness and spiritual development.
Said to carry the power of the sun, the citrine meaning has often been connected to overcoming depression, fears and phobias, and instead helping one’s sense of self to become more radiant and encourage a positive outlook on the future.


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