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Naomi Tracz Jewellery

“With a background in fine art and photography, I enjoy experimenting with contrasts of light and texture, always striving for simplicity of line and form.”

Naomi Tracz designs and makes elegant jewellery crafted from silver, gold and semi-precious gemstones harnessing contrasts of light and texture. The employment of traditional metalworking techniques and the simplicity of line and structure are the essence of Naomi’s brand. She offers pieces with unusual textures that are inspired by the natural and ancient world. The undulating contours forge delicate yet timeless keepsakes of minimalist design, perfect for the modern-day woman.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Simple yet sophisticated, Naomi’s keepsakes are complementary to a cocktail attire or even worn day-to-day for a colourful accessory.

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