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Nadine Aysoy

Born in Antwerp, the global capital of diamonds, Nadine Aysoy was surrounded by her favourite gemstones since her childhood. Her grandfather, P. N. Ferstenberg, was honoured for his service to the gem industry by the Belgian government with a title of ‘Dean of the Diamond Industry’. Having a grandfather in the business that she so strived to be a part of was enough for Nadine to develop her career in the jewellery industry and settling down in the heart of London. Inspired by the beauty of nature, precious stones and various forms of art, Nadine encourages classic forms with design aesthetics that are decorative and fashion led. These extravagant yet timeless designs are carved from the finest 18kt golds and set with fine gemstones that are handpicked by the perfectionist artist.

Renowned for: Nadine Aysoy is renowned for her fine jewellery collections of lustrous gemstones and fine golds.

Handpicked by JewelStreet becauseElegant and extravagant, each piece carved by the artist is a timeless design which can be adorned at any glamorous event.

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