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Drawing inspiration from diverse travel, architectural forms and fashion through the era’s, Marli redefines minimalism through distinctive artisanal craftsmanship and precious metals. Founded in New York in 2014 by Maral Artinain, the brand highlights its love for playful creativity and innovative design inspiration through their avant-garde shaped jewellery pieces. With an outlook to empower woman with fashion-forward jewellery and a reason for self-gifting, Maral Artinian uses her cosmopolitan city life to boost energy, excitement and enthusiasm in others via the fashion capital of the world. Constructed from a variation of precious metals and precious gemstones, Marli fabricates everyday designs with a feminine and classic aesthetic.

Renowned for: Maral Artinian is renowned for her minimalist jewellery pieces which are appreciated by the modern woman.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: With an aesthetic that can be worn day or night, Maral Artinian forges gemstone laced designs using up-to-date jewellery techniques.

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