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Marina Skia

Being a junior fashion editor at a large publishing company in Greece wasn’t the right fit for Marina Skia, she wanted to make use of her natural creativity, and she soon realised the only way to do that was to design and make jewellery. She began to study in Athens and learned filigree, granulation, repoussé, and other expert techniques. Following this, she was awarded an MA in jewellery design at Sir John Cass. A year after she graduated, she created her very own eponymous brand. Her excellent pieces are inspired by the sea, landscapes, and the other forms, shapes, and textures found in nature.

Renowned for: Creating elegant and sophisticated silver jewellery aimed at strong, independent women who value quality, durability, and aesthetics.

Handpicked by JewelStreet becauseMarina Skia’s attention to detail is incredible, she can take any form, and refine it until it's sophisticated enough to be turned into a piece of jewellery.

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