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Maria Kovadi Fine Jewellery

Like many great artists, Maria sources her inspiration from the world around her. She identifies the beauty in the surroundings, silhouettes and the emotion she encounters in this wondrous world.  The stories, feelings and inspiration are communicated and expressed through a diverse range of techniques to immortalise that beauty in limited edition and couture pieces, crafted in precious metals and gemstones of the finest quality. “There are many precious things which surround us, that deserve to be recreated in the smallest forms, thus giving another form of life and continuation.”

Renowned for: Using Italian craftsmanship to create fine jewellery with a fun edge, designed to express the wearer’s individuality and bring a smile to the face of those who behold it.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Maria harnesses the splendour of the mundane and the extraordinary, capturing it in enchanting pieces that exude luxury and individuality.

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