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Loren Nicole

Beginning her career as a textile conservator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and American Museum of Natural History, Loren Nicole’s curiosity and passion for pre history encouraged her to pursue her love of ancient metalsmithing. Whilst living in the metropolis of New York, Loren spent her time with various goldsmiths learning the art of Ancient Greek technology. After two years of studying, Loren’s love for jewellery design escalated, stimulating the birth of LOREN NICOLE. Embedding ancient aesthetics with timeless elegance, Loren’s pieces are entirely handcrafted from conception to fruition in her Venice, California studio. Fused with powerfully coloured gemstones and precious metals, Loren’s collections are a display of intricate mouldings and daytime sophistication.

Renowned for: LOREN NICOLE is renowned for her sculptural keepsakes amalgamated with ancient architectural influences.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Forged from precious metals and bold gemstones, Loren’s colourful designs display a statement exterior with confidence. 

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