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Lonam aim to always create jewellery pieces that have a deep connection with the wearer and projects affirmations in life, such as belief, desire and aspiration. Handcrafted in the UK, Lonam incorporate elements of the West African language, Ewe, which is largely spoken by a tribe in the Volta region of Ghana. These symbolic designs specialise in traditional West African silver and gold jewellery with definitive Ghanaian influence and a twist on keeping the faith. Utilising Adinkra Symbols (also from West Africa), Lonam serve their designs as a decoration to highlight the wearer’s personality on a level that encourages thought provoking messages. Illustrative of the founders' Ghanaian, St Lucian, Bajan and London heritage, Lonam depicts solid sterling silver and gold moulded into traditional symbols of meaning and grace.

Renowned for: Lonam are renowned for their sterling silver and gold designs moulded into powerful and emotional symbols.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Simplistic in design, Lonam’s pieces emit confidence that are timeless and every day. 

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