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In 2013, passionate goldsmiths Calogero Lo Coco and Gert Kubpart joined forces to create their own jewellery brand – Lo Coco and Kubpart. Based out of Tallinn, Estonia, the pair work with talented and creative designer Miyo Lo Coco to produce distinguished pieces which make anyone who wears them stand out from the crowd. The team craft their jewellery according to the traditional Italian jewellery style ‘Valenzana’ which they learned after years of working side by side with master goldsmiths.

Renowned for: Meticulous and refined gold jewellery adorned with precious stones.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Lo Coco and Kubpart carefully select the beautiful gemstones used in all of their pieces, and enhance the naturally strong aesthetics of these stones even further through skilled design.





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