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"Newness excites and energises me. It’s that moment when you find things that you didn’t know existed."

Los Angeles-based innovator Lisa Hoffman trained as a perfumer in before founding her eponymous brand. Seamlessly assimilating traditional fine fragrance into the lifestyle of the contemporary woman, she’s created a unique line of fragrance jewellery, designed to transport the wearer to exotic places around the world. Unique and beautiful, each piece features a delicate filigree charm filled with scented beads that deliver an incredible fragrance for as long as a month. From the fine rose gold creations of the Neo-Ethereal collection to the smooth gemstone beads of the Atlas bracelets, Lisa’s work can be worn alone or stacked for a truly glamorous look.

Renowned for: Clever and innovative fragrance jewellery that both looks and smells amazing.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Lisa’s ideas might be unique, but this is no novelty jewellery – her stunning designs are fabulous enough for any special occasion.

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