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Kirsten Hendrich Jewellery

Kirsten’s quirky, handcrafted silver jewellery is fuelled by her love of her garden. “It is not the obvious beauty of the ice white rose or the candy pink water lilies which create the foundations of my designs, but the inconspicuous natural forms: the elegant dandelion seeds carried through the evening breeze, the magnificent elodea pond weed leaves nestled beneath the water surface, and the ants busily climbing up and down the apple trees which act as design catalysts and have led to the development of Kirsten’s award-winning contemporary jewellery collections.”

Renowned for: Award-winning design skills honed whilst working for acclaimed jewellery designers such as Donna Collinson, Hannah Bedford, Beth Gilmour and Elizabeth Bone.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Kirsten’s organic forms expose the innate beauty of natures’ less ostentatious elements. 

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