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JUX Jewellery

AT JUX Jewellery, they believe that true beauty is all about the imperfections. Wanting to go against the grain of the mass-produced jewellery market, designer Perle Gorjux began using the ancient technique of lost wax casting to produce stunning, sculptural works of art. Inspired by the wildness of nature, Perle’s pieces are all about weathered metals, uncut precious gemstones and organic, flowing shapes. Think silver and rose gold rings set with sparkling citrine and ethereal moonstone, or delicate charm bracelets glittering with sultry garnets. Her One Of A Kind range offers the ultimate in limited edition jewellery – a collection of unique designs cast from hand-carved wax and set with rough, unfinished stones to let their natural beauty shine through.

Renowned for: Gorgeous, untamed jewellery that’s in tune with Mother Nature.

Handpicked by JewelStreet becauseThe organic lines and quirky details of these gorgeous pieces make a statement while still being wearable enough for every day.

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