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Jezebel London

Jezebel London was concocted after two Turkish university friends, Yasmin and Tumay, followed their passion for diamonds and created a luxury jewellery brand available to the metropolitan woman. With a desire to crystallise the cool side of diamond jewellery, Jezebel London believe that diamonds are an everyday occurrence, keeping them from their boxes and being adorned from day to night.

Paying homage to contemporary design, the brand exudes originality and diversity to it's collections, amalgamating beauty and creativity with freedom, for the depiction of a woman’s personality. Fashionable and whimsical, the brand achieve timelessness and endurance for their everyday designs.

Renowned for: Jezebel London is renowned for their everyday designs, brought to life by the precious gemstone, the diamond.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: It’s true that diamonds are a girls best friend, and as such, we also believe diamonds should be worn daily. Jezebel London fashion beautiful everyday designs that can be worn to reflect the senses, in a contemporary manner.

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