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Imperfect Grace

"I wanted to pay homage to my roots by incorporating patterns of Ukrainian embroidery into my designs."

Ukrainian designer Krista has been passionate about jewellery from a young age, creating her own designs out of her grandmother’s old pieces. After studying metalworking at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, she honed her skills in the workshops of Chicago before launching Imperfect Grace. Inspired by notions of uniqueness and versatility, Krista’s collections are rooted in simple elegance with a timeless edge. From delicate pendants set with edgy black diamonds to statement signet rings glittering with precious stones, Krista’s jewellery is designed to help you express your true self.

Renowned for: Cool, contemporary fine jewellery from Chicago.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Imperfect Grace’s collections are designed to be complement your existing jewelllery, allowing you to build a mixed, layered look for any occasion.

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