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HUEB brings effortless elegance to women all over the world. Created for women by women, HUEB uses feminine charm to produce culturally-savvy and innate jewellery for the timeless yet modern woman. Spanning 3 generations of craftsmanship, HUEB began when Fadua Hueb set out to design jewellery that her friends would love, but couldn’t find anywhere else. From this key moment, Fadua began forging glistening gemstones with golden accents into her pieces, inspired by the colour, energy and natural beauty of Brazil. Handcrafted in-house by a skilled team of artisans, HUEB incorporates high-grade diamonds and gemstones set into 18kt gold to fabricate a subtle balance of art and innovation into each piece.

Renowned for: HUEB is renowned for their artistic creations forged from the finest metals and gemstones.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: HUEB produces culturally-savvy designs made for timeless and classic beauty, exuding confidence and charm.

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