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Designer, innovator and creator, Hera, founded the brand HERA to infuse the jewellery industry with her life motto; ‘Live Life’. These simple words transcended into an act of courage, a sentiment of love and the beginning of a journey, and so, HERA was born. Following in her father’s footsteps to become a master craftsman, Hera’s love for jewellery making is apparent in her timeless designs which are distinguished by meticulous detail and a combination of silver, 18kt gold and natural vibrant gemstones. Incorporating her Mediterranean roots and rich cultural background into each design, HERA is also inspired by the Grecian Goddess of Love, Hera, who was said to have striking, alluring eyes which is reflected in HERA’s gemstone-laden jewellery pieces. HERA exude a harmonious bond with each and every wearer, exposing them to bold and elegant shapes that bring strength, love and fate which they just cannot put down.

Renowned for: HERA is renowned for rich hued gemstones laden into mixed metal bases, inspired by the goddess of love.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: HERA incorporates timeless design into each adornment, boasting of a piece that is of high quality and fantastic innovation.

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