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Hall Collection

Crafting contemporary and high-fashion jewellery pieces, HALL Collection are renowned for their gold adornments combined with conflict-free diamonds and precious gemstones. Founded in 2014, the British brand bring to life silhouettes of quirky ear jackets, singular and matched stud earrings and stacking midi rings. Fabricated from 9kt or 14kt gold, the HALL Collection use the women of the 21st century as the inspiration for the pieces, creating feminine silhouettes for everyday wear. The HALL Collection, embodies the combination of ethically-sourced materials to produce easily stackable jewellery. Their passion for gemstones is reflected in these sparkling and striking treasures, constructing new and unusual shapes in a refreshing manner and all handmade within the beautiful country of Italy.

Renowned for: Using the 21st century woman to inspire feminine collections for a layered style.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Each piece is a statement which can be worn on a daily basis with other items of favourite jewellery.

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