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Noosha Golab is fascinated by the patterns, shapes, and lines that surround her every day. She strives to dramatize them and then use them to enhance her jewellery. For instance, she used the arch shape, found as a focal point in the majority of architectural designs, as the inspiration for her Cupola Collection. A creative individual since childhood, Noosha studied the fundamentals of graphic design but she always thought something was missing: “I realised that my true passion is jewellery design, and so I studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I enjoy seeing people wearing my jewellery and sharing my creativity!”

Renowned for: Producing simple, clean, and elegant pieces that are perfect for all ages and tastes.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Noosha personally ensures that every single item of jewellery she sells is of the highest possible quality. Each is equally exquisite.

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