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Gemlok for Gemveto

Jean Vitau is the designer behind the eponymous brand Gemveto Jewelry. Based in the cosmopolitan state of New York, Gemveto launched the Gemlok collection which changed the face of the bridal market. Patenting his ‘bar’ setting used in many of his designs, Jean Vitau has seen many try to replicate the innovative setting technique, but none have prevailed, leaving the secret of the gem setting technique with it’s owner to create unique collections of nationwide wedding bands. Inspired by the vibrant beauty of nature, rendered in the most vivid of gemstone, Jean Vitau jewellery designs are a construction of creative flair and up-to-the-minute fashion. Designed and manufactured within their Manhattan studio, Gemveto produce intrinsic beauty to be treasured for generations, with painstakingly selected gemstones of infinite splendour.

Renowned for: Gemveto is renowned internationally for their treasured bridal collections but also their fashion trend designs.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Gemveto’s unique style combined with their individual design, are the ultimate merging of creativity, which can never be duplicated, perfect for a lifetime keepsake.

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