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Fall in Love - AW Preview

It’s almost time to say goodbye to summer *sigh*. But it’s not all doom and gloom as we head into the autumn months. Fall deeper in love with a style that’s imbued with a rustic glow, a crisp natural aesthetic, and a strong sense of change. Pack your jewellery box with the romance of autumn. Shop our diverse selection of soft, statement and diamond designs.

Ocean Divinity
Ocean Divinity
Statement Earrings

Bold. Chic. Sexy.

Autumn is the time of year where we start to wrap up warm and favour comfort over couture. However, there is one accessory which refuses to hide during the autumn season and that’s earrings.

Don’t shy away from jewellery this season. Make a statement with intricate and show-stopping statement earrings. Gemstone delights, oversized hoops, dazzling drop earrings… There’s no way you’ll blend into the background with these statement earrings in your corner.

MARCELLO RICCIO handcraft fine jewellery that emanates luxury. These striking marble earrings come from years of knowledge and experience from the designer, so wear with pride as you channel sophistication and poise.
Mother of pearl jewellery is hot, hot, hot. You'll get all the compliments this season with these earrings glittering into the night. A statement pair of earrings can transform your wardrobe, so choose these by Latelita London!
Diamond Storm
Overstated. Vintage. Glamorous.

Diamond and rhinestone accessories took to the runway this year, with Paco Rabanne and Alexandre Vauthier boasting sparkle and shine with their dazzling designs. Look forward to the colder months with the most popular gemstone around.

Diamonds are imbued with old Hollywood glamour and ice queen vibes, perfect for autumn.

Kick up a storm with rhinestone realness, a style destined for the runway and your autumn wardrobe. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

This handcrafted elegant 18kt yellow gold arabesque ring elegantly wraps around your finger, accented with one sparkling white diamond. Designed to be glamorous and comfortable, the openwork design is airy with substantial width and style. 
Want to look glamorous, chic and elegant for autumn? Invest in a gorgeous piece from Lustre of London and channel classic sophistication all season. Let these gems dazzle under the moonlight when the sun is hiding away... You'll be sure to catch someone's eye!
Autumn Softness

Still. Serene. Calm.

Autumn can inspire a bit of style limbo for many. This transitional period between lively summer holidays and quaint winter festivities can leave you feeling uncertain.

Take a deep breath, and take a moment. Embrace the stillness. This is handmade jewellery that will give you clarity. Soft textures, delicate forms, cooling hues… perfect autumnal vibes.

Gemondo Jewellery have crafted this subtle and sweet mother of pearl pendant, perfect for the transition between summer and autumn. From the muted colours to the geometric edge, this will be your winter go-to.
Laura Adele Jewellery craft elegant and dainty jewellery pieces that emanate Parisian elegance. Don't just layer your clothing this autumn, layer your jewellery too for a contemporary look. 

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