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Ehinger Schwarz 1876

“Jewellery is special because it's a non-verbal communication of your own personal story.”

The story of Ehinger Schwartz 1876 began some 140 years ago, when family patriarch Otto Ehinger opened his jewellery manufacturing workshop. More than a century later, Otto’s great grandson developed Charlotte – a unique system of personalised jewellery inspired by his wife, Ann-Charlotte.

Today, Ehinger Schwartz 1876 offers a wide range of fine jewellery, much of it aimed at allowing customers to become their own designers. Using interchangeable precious stones and fine metal fixings, Ehinger Schwartz 1876 empowers you to create your own masterpieces. Think beautiful rings set with semi precious stones that transform into diamond showstoppers, or simple necklaces that can be strung with onyx, gold and pearls.

Renowned for: Unique, interchangeable jewellery crafted from fine metals and precious stones.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Ehinger Schwartz 1876 takes the hassle out of choosing jewellery, making it easy for you to swap around different styles and colour combinations for the perfect match every time.

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