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Diamonds are the most desired stone and you'll be craving one after seeing what JewelStreet's amazing indepdent designers have to offer. Stunning Diamonds rings come in a variety of cuts - the choice is yours. The Diamonds don't stop there, wear Diamonds on your wrist, let them shine around your neck or shimmer on ears. As well as looking amazing, Diamonds are a symbol of eternal love, devotion and inner strength - making them a perfect gift.

They've made the cut...
As well as many colours of diamonds, there are different cuts too - Princess, Oval, Cushion. JewelStreet's independent designers have a stunning collection of diamond rings, from smooth circles to the ones cut in a sqaure or rectangle. Whatever the shape of your choice - you will want to get your hands on one of our glistening diamond rings. Diamond rings are the most popular type of diamond jewellery, take a look at our rings first.

Cushion Cut...

The cushion cut diamond combines a square cut diamond with rounded corners, much like a pillow (hence the name). Cushion cut diamonds have been around for 200 years and add a vintage flair to any setting. JewelStreet's independent designers offer a selection of coloured cushion cut rings - something for everyone.
14kt White Gold 11.5ct Canary Cushion Cut Ring FANTASIA BY DESERIO, £690
With its large sparkling stone and its radiant color, the canary cut cushion ring is a true statement ring that’s sure to catch the eye, no matter what the occasion.
Romance Ring 18kt White Gold freeRange JEWELS, £3,318
This stunning pink stone is placed next to two very bright and white round brilliant cut diamonds on either side, something different than the norm.
Princess cut...
This is the most popular and fancy cut, especially for engagement rings. The profile or side-on shape is similar to that of an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides. JewelStreet's independent designers have all the amazing princess cut diamonds you could ever want.
Princess Cut Morganite Ring - Oh my Christine Jewelry
Princess Cut Morganite Ring Oh my Christine Jewelry, £477
Comfort Fit Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Ring - 5Ine Jewels
Comfort Fit Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Ring 5Ine Jewels, £1,771
Knot Rope Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Ring 5Ine Jewels, £2,190
Go for something quirky - this knotted diamond ring is handmade to order by master craftsmen, this ensures your ring is ideal for long lasting wear.

Oval cut...

With a soft outline, oval cut diamonds have a touch of elegance while steering away from the conventional. And with its elongated shape, it creates the illusion of greater size and makes the finger appear longer and slimmer than it is. 
Sterling Silver & Platinum Oval Halo Ring Laffon, £103
This ring is a classic silver oval piece - timeless. California design house Lafonn creates timeless, enchanting pieces using the finest quality precious metals and simulated gemstones. Their aim is to produce designs that are both beautiful and affordable, within reach of everyone and crafted for everyday wear.
Oval Amethyst and Champagne Diamond Ring Arya Esha, £1,130
Amethyst and Diamonds pair together beautifully - this ring was handmade by independent designers in the United States. The edging on the oval shape gives it an elegant yet unique look.
Diamonds Galore...
Diamonds are said to have the ability to boost intellectual powers and cure insanity. A stone of deep and everlasting love, diamonds are the perfect gift for loved ones. Explore diamond bracelets, earrings and necklaces - all made by the world's finest independent designers.
Polki Diamond Necklace Sally Agarwal, £7,800
Diamond earrings
You really can't go wrong with a pair of classic diamond earrings - whether they are studs, hoops, drop. Diamond earrings will see you through every occasion, a perfect day to night piece. JewelStreet have an immense collection of diamond earrings - explore to find the ideal pair for you. 
Byzantium Gold Diamond Earrings Polina Sapouna Ellis, £9,133
The ideal statement earring - a stand out piece. These fascinating 18kt gold diamond earrings have a perfect combination of exquisite glamour and sophistication stemming from a very old era.
14kt Rose Gold & Diamond Duke Stud Earring Jezebel London, £250
Dainty but noticable - this piece can be worn on its own or paired with another pair of earrings for effect.
Diamond necklaces
Diamond necklaces are a must-have, no matter what style - choker, chain, pendant, locket, JewelStreet has it all. 
18kt Fairtrade Echo Diamond Pendant Shakti Ellenwood, £799
This pendant is all about low-key luxe. A dainty diamond pendant that adds some sparkle to your everyday look.
Shard I Necklace Melville, £4,265
Lani Golden Sun with a Rose Cut Diamond ileava jewelry, £1,297
White Evil Eye Choker SHARON fine jewelry, £652
An Israeli brand based out of Tel Aviv, Israel. They create delicate chic jewels with understated glamour which can be worn and enjoyed every single day. Their pieces are crafted with genuine 14kt gold and elegant diamonds.
Diamond bracelets
A diamond bracelet is a treasure you can wear, and like diamond stud earrings, it's the perfect accessory for anyone who loves jewellery. Add a diamond bracelet next to your everyday watch for that chic look - and don't worry about mixing your metals.
Wishbone Diamond Bracelet Sharon Mills London, £95
Python White Gold Full Set Diamond Bracelet AKILLIS, £14,058
The design of the python collection associates geometrical and round shaped scale elements, bringing to mind the movement of the snake. This edgy diamond bangle will grab peoples attention.


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