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Devon Leigh

“Jewellery is special because it's a non-verbal communication of your own personal story.”

Los Angeles designer Devon Leigh Sedlacek was working in the film industry when her homemade jewellery became the most talked-about thing on set. Realising her true calling, she launched Devon Leigh – a range of beautiful, opulent pieces that speak to the modern woman. Using unusual materials like buffalo horn, copper-infused turquoise and chalcedony quartz, Devon crafts dramatic, imaginative jewellery with the show-stopping appeal.

As a winner of the Dallas Fashion Award, Devon is making waves in the design world, and her pieces are an opportunity to place yourself at the cutting edge. From thick hammered gold cuffs set with precious stones to delicate chandelier earrings, this is jewellery with the glamour turned up to the max.

Renowned for: Opulent jewellery that combines film-star decadence with accessibility and charm.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Devon is a rising star in the jewellery world, and her pieces ooze individuality and imagination.

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