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Colourful Statement

What better way to express yourself then with a pop of colour? Summer is here, which means out with those dull winter tones and in with splashes of bold and bright colour. Make a colourful statement with unique jewellery that harnesses all shades of your personality. From neon jewellery that turns up the shock factor, to rainbow pieces that pack a powerful punch. Whatever shade takes your fancy, we have jewellery that emanates kaleidoscopic coolness.

Colourful Statement
Colourful Statement
Neon Vibes

Did you know all the celebrities are wearing neon right now? From Victoria Beckham to Kim Kardashian, it seems bold, bright and striking is the look to rock this season.

You’ll love our collection of neon jewellery. It has all the pieces you need to put together an authentic and chic summer outfit.

From gleaming gemstone pieces to vibrant leather picks, play with texture and style for a summer look that’s truly unique.

No one wants to blend into the background, so steal the show with those next-level neon vibes!

Everyone loves Gelato. Check out this mouthwatering rich and intense coloured lime necklace. For maximum impact, add this piece to your neon lime clothing selection. After all... this season is all about the stand-out shades.
Want to switch up your style? These mismatched neon pieces are made to hang from the Robinson Pelham 14kt yellow and white gold Orb Hoops. Customise your look with minimal effort and MAXIMUM colour. 
Rainbow Shades

Elevate your style with jewellery that’s in all the colours of the rainbow.

A rainbow is as vibrant as it is powerful. The rainbow flag is a symbol for LGBT pride. What better way to show your solidarity, than with colourful rainbow jewellery?

Delve into our collection of rainbow shades, for jewellery that is undeniably fashionable. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a pot of gold at the end!

Follow in the fashion footsteps of Selena Gomez, Gisele Bundchen, Rachel McAdams and Catherine Zeta Jones. They all chose to wear jewellery from Tresor, and you can too. Get the celebrity approved look today. 
This is a stunning pendant expertly made from handpicked opals, multi coloured sapphires, tsavorite garnets and dainty diamonds. The vibrancy of these mixed colours mirror those in a Harlequin Opal stone. Like what you see?
Primary Colours

Get back to basics with the Primary Colours collection.

Without yellow, red and blue, we wouldn’t have any of the vibrant tones and shades that make up the colour palette. We think they deserve some praise and in this collection, you’ll find the most luxurious primary coloured jewellery you could ask for.

Add an injection of colour into your jewellery repertoire and you’ll never blend into the background.

Prioritise primary colours in your jewellery box this season. Clear  blue skies and beautiful blue jewellery is all you need this summer. This luxury necklace is elegant, delicate and impactful all at the same time.
The Bowie Collar was made to stand out. This piece can make a sophisticated colour statement for any occasion. Add a Scandinavian twist into your outfits with jewellery handcrafted in Finland.

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