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Cielle London

High profile fashion and lifestyle connoisseur, Seree Kang, founded her brand Cielle London in 2014 after establishing many close relationships with recognised companies such as Estee Lauder, Alfred Dunhill and Jo Malone. Entwining her passion for art and high fashion, Seree Kang embraces a powerful, elegant and intellectual stance on her jewellery, designed specifically for the modern woman. Cielle London incorporate four core themes throughout their brand; Cielle Professional, Cielle Romance, Cielle Balance and Cielle Goddess. Believing the modern woman is a master of the art of balance: at work and at play, in relationships and in society, Cielle London infuse positive energy into their pieces through bold colour combinations. Specialising in pastel coloured stone made from unique cubic zirconia stone, Cielle London focus on high-quality yet affordable designs for a contemporary yet whimsical fashion.

Renowned for: Renowned for their pastel coloured cubic zirconia, Cielle London embrace powerful designs with graceful colour combinations.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Pair Cielle London with a day-to-day attire for an affordable and versatile fashion statement. 

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