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Brigitte Adolph Jewellery Design

Designer and goldsmith, Brigitte Adolph, first discovered her passion for jewellery making as a young girl, designing in her father’s atelier. Years later, Brigitte still thrives on this passion, producing exquisite designs from sterling silver and gold, enriched with diamonds and rubies. Due to Brigitte’s fascination of contemporary design, her studies have taken her all over the world from Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark, giving her inspiration for new pieces as she travels. Brigitte’s designs are made with such detail, that to the eye they resemble lace but these sterling silver statement pieces are made from the finest materials for a bold and elegant addition to any outfit.

Renowned for: Using her practices in Switzerland and Spain and putting them into her work to produce intricate adornments of silver and gold.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Brigitte’s awards in jewellery design speak volumes. Combined with her traditional lace designs and innovative approach, Brigitte creates pieces to be passed down through generations.

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