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Botta Gioielli

Goldsmith Giovanni Botta started creating jewellery for the Milanese in the 1960s, quickly earning a reputation for his flamboyant and sophisticated design style. Three decades later, his son, Nicola, joined the family business, opening a second store and continuing the family tradition of handcrafting unique designs in the highest quality precious metals and gemstones. Today, Nicola sources inspiration from the beauty of natural forms, creating jewellery designed to express the wearer’s personality: “Wearing (my jewellery) means making a statement about oneself and creating an image and identity that are unique.”

Renowned for:  Award winning designs featuring distinct, fluid silhouettes and exquisite combinations of gemstones and precious metals.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because:  Nicola’s designs exude an ethereal beauty that is at once bold and delicate, expressing the unique inner self of the wearer.

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