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Third generation jeweler AntoniaEspaliú has devoted his life to the creation of one-off jewellery. Based on the belief that, for a piece to touch someone’s heart it must exude the passion of the designer, Bohemme jewellery is designed for the bold, confident woman.  Each discrete collection sources inspiration from a range of awe-inspiring phenomena, from the big bang theory, to the exquisite bubbles of champagne, from the Antelope Canyon of Arizona, to the resilience and courage of human beings to achieve their dreams: “The world is changing and making an impact on peoples’ heart is more and more difficult. That is why our challenge is to surprise….”

Renowned for: An exquisite design style featuring bold lines and contrasting precious metals and gemstones.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because:  A piece by Bohemme is truly unique; the eye-catching collections are designed to surprise, to challenge norms, but most of all, to be cherished.

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