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Bohemian Jewellery

Are you the girl who has the boho style at the centre of your heart? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The boho lifestyle is fun, young and breezy. There are no strict fashion rules, so embrace the free spirited adventure with a selection of joyful jewels.

Going Boho!
Appreciate the timeless essence of boho as you can wear this style at any age. You may not have bought it to be boho, but all of us have an item in our wardrobe that radiates a bohemian vibe. Patchwork, embroidery, suede, paisley prints, but it doesn’t stop there. Chunky jewellery is very gypsy-esque and is very common amongst jewellery boxes.

Inject the bohemian style in your everyday outfit by adding a chunky beaded necklace or bracelet, colourful tassel earrings or a touch of turquoise. For the ultimate boho flair, combine a mixture of colours, materials and metals and create your very own take on the trend.
Boho at Work

It can be hard to satisfy our boho side when we are dressing professionally five days a week, but being a career woman doesn't have to put a damper on this style.

Strive for beads, gorgeous gemstones in rustic shades, and dainty lace pendants to bring texture and creativity to your outfit.

Designer Virginie’s pieces aren’t just beautifully rendered fashion accessories. They’re symbols of peace and tranquillity that connect the souls of those who wear them to the world. 
Not only into Boho style but also Yoga and Mediation? We've just found the best piece of jewellery for you. The Eternity of Wisdom Dorje bracelet is set with a royal blue lapis lazuli stone. The stone represents the activation of the high mind, inspiring a thirst for knowledge and understanding. With each Silatha Dorje comes an invitation and access code for the accompanying Mediation App, it's surely a stylish piece for the everyday Boho girl!
Carefree Gypsy

We just can’t get enough of the bold, fun and colourful boho items.

Although festival season is almost over, it doesn’t mean that we can’t rock the boho look with our best boho fringe top, kaftan and be the Boho Gypsy queen with stacking rings, lace botanical jewels and double strand necklaces.

These Love Nuggets are by Gabrielle Friedman, they are pieces to live in and to love in and they transition easily from day wear to evening wear. They are the "never take them off" pieces. Also available in Pink Sapphire, Black Diamond and Champagne Diamond.
Third Eye Collection. This exquisite product comes from Conges, a jewellery brand led by Jasmine Penna. Jasmine’s philosophy is ‘think free, be free’, with her brand she seeks to create pieces which will give her customers a stress-free perspective.
Boho Bride

If you’re a boho babe at heart, then a boho wedding must be on the cards. Our free spirited jewels are here to give you the feminine bohemian style and add some ethnic touches to your big day.

If you love pearls with lace, leaf inspiration or fabulous feathers, look no further than JewelStreets jewels.

Take an element that you love from the boho trend and adapt it in your very own way.

Handmade in her studio in Brisbane, Australia, Susan Driver uses individually sourced metals and gemstones to create a story with each and every design. These pair of earrings are not disposable fashion, they are pieces in 18kt Gold with a 9kt Gold chain that the wearer will come back to whether the band has worn thin or the black faded.
These gorgeous 22kt gold plated peony twig earrings are inspired by 17th century Dutch still life paintings. A fabulous statement piece that works beautifully with floral dresses or with your boho style wedding dress!

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A Chat with Gabrielle Friedman

Finding her inspiration from art, architecture, nature, and even philosophy, Gabrielle Friedman’s jewellery is handcrafted so that each piece is one-of-a-kind.

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