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Black Diamond

Black diamonds are dramatic, mysterious, sparkly and fancy-looking. Take a look at our handcrafted black diamond jewellery, the perfect way to create a memorable impression and showcase your individuality. If you are looking for something that will make a big statement, then black diamond jewellery is definitely a great choice.

Timeless & Classic

BLACK is a colour that never goes out of fashion.
The popularity and value of black diamonds continues to grow rapidly in the fashion world. Many people had never heard of black diamonds until brought to their attention by celebrities. Black diamonds offer a unique shine and they look good with everything. You can wear black diamonds with anything – go for a contrast and pair them with white diamonds or add a touch of colour with another gemstone. Black diamonds are the ultimate finishing touch to your look, taking your outfit from classy to edgy instantly.
Are Black Diamonds real?
The common question behind this rare stone has been if black diamonds are real or not, and the answer is YES.

Whilst extremely rare, untreated black diamonds are natural and mined from deposits in the Central African Republic and Brazil.
The colour BLACK is a mark of sophistication.
It's a clear symbol of power, authority and passion.
Black diamonds are the most striking choice for anyone who loves to make a bespoke statement. When paired with white diamonds, the merger between white and black diamond makes the perfect visual contrast.
Nastya Earrings, Imperfect Grace, £637.00
The Nastya oxidised sterling silver earrings are set with black rose cut diamonds. Add some black diamond sparkle to your ears.
Ana Chain Bracelet, Imperfect Grace, £505.00
Black Diamonds set in yellow gold -  perfect for those yearning for something a little different.
Black diamonds are different than most other diamonds because they are entirely opaque, that doesn’t mean black diamonds are dull. In fact, they shine and sparkle in a similar way to white diamonds. Their stunning appearance has charmed celebrities and designers alike.
14kt Rose Gold & Diamond Marshall Earring Back - Jezebel London
14kt Rose Gold & Diamond Marshall Earring Back, Jezebel London, £190

Puzzle White Gold Xs Solo Bracelet With Black Diamonds - AKILLIS
Puzzle White Gold Xs Solo Bracelet With Black Diamonds, AKILLIS, £1,311


Add a touch of noir to your collection

The popularity of Black Diamonds is continuing to grow in the fashion world. With many celebrities making this trend more noticeable.

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