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Ani and Salpi don’t believe that jewellery is all about the cut and carat of a precious gemstone. They believe that semi-precious gemstones and 14 karat gold can afford lashings of luxury and make a woman feel fantastic any day of the week, no matter what she is wearing. “Bcouture satisfies a craving for a laid-back kind of luxury, like bubbly on a Tuesday, or scented candles – just because. Sometimes no occasion is the perfect occasion.” Featuring a kaleidoscope of semi-precious gemstones set in opulent 14 karat gold, every piece can be customised to reflect the nature and desires of the individual.

Renowned for: Creating a brand which seamlessly evokes the luxury of fine design with a down-to-earth twist.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: The indulgent elegance of Ani and Salpi’s creations makes a woman feel like it’s her day, every day.

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