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Autumn Winter 2018 Jewellery Trends

Don't be afraid to express yourself and get creative with your jewellery this Autumn/Winter. Mismatched dangling jewels, chunky chains and 80s style jewellery are all getting the green-light from us. Take a look at our edit of jewellery highlights from the Autumn/Winter 2018.

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Trends Forecast for AW18

Wondering what types of jewellery you need to add to your winter collection?

Comfy sweaters, checked scarves, fabulous coats; layer your latest winter fashion with some chunky chain necklaces, supersized mismatched earrings or neon bracelets. You want pieces you can actually see among your bulky layers and spice up your winter outfit!

We’ve picked the most stylish designs for you from the autumn/winter 2018 collection.

Fallen Leaves

As the wind starts to blow and the days get shorter, we know that autumn is coming.

Our designers have got the perfect autumn and nature inspired jewellery to get you through the winter months.

Add a hint of brown and gold to warm you up this season or stand out from the crowd by adding some leaf-inspired jewellery for a natural look this autumn.
Crafted in 18kt yellow gold, the bracelet has a linked chain which integrates a solid gold leaf at the centre. A simple yet stunning bracelet, the Banana Leaf Gold Bracelet is a must for nature-enthusiasts.
These marvellous earrings each display a genuine 18kt gold Quina leaf. Portuguese maker Amazona Secrets creates pieces inspired by the Brazil’s deep rainforests and vibrant cities. 
'80s Style Jewellery
Remember the ‘80s? How could you forget the wild hair, leopard clothes, chunky necklaces and huge earrings? Oh my! The good news is the ‘80s are back with a variety of jewellery styles.

Embrace the 80s with this winter's disco party look, Maxi brooches, neon accessories and gold chain links.

Large vintage pearl hoops, disco bauble earrings and spiky studs are all under the fashion spotlight.

'80s Must Haves! The Orbit Comet Interchangeable Tassel/Stud Earrings are perfect for day to night transition. Wear as a plain pearl stud or with the tassel section attached by simple passing the post through the hole in the top of the tassel section.
Crafted from 18kt gold plated sterling silver, the pendant dangles from a legacy chain, depicting the REALM Insignia suspending chain tassels. This must-have necklace has a vintage appearance, adding a classic motif to a fashion statement aesthetic.
Mismatched Earrings

The mismatched earrings trend is taking over Instagram. They have been growing in popularity and lots of famous celebs have been sporting this look.

Mismatched earrings can add depth and dimension to your earring game and they make your look more stylish and fun. Not sure if you can pull off the trend? How about start small with mismatching studs and work your way up when you are ready to jump in?

These asymmetrical studs are the perfect pair to layer, mix and match. Wear them separately or as a pair for a touch of everyday luxe with its flush set Canadamark diamonds. Each pair is handmade to order from recycled 14kt gold in our Carlsbad studio.
The mismatched jewellery trend is about as hot as the Amazon rainforest right now, so if you’re looking for a wearable, elegant way to try it out, these Asymmetric Leaf Stud earrings are your must-haves this season!
Get Chained

It’s time to link-in! Chunky chains are a great way to spice up your casual outfits and make them more trendy and eye-catching. Gold chain links have been popping up all over the runway and they are making a strong return for this AW.

Your chain necklace will be your new best friend, your go-to if an outfit needs that extra glam but still bold enough to complement your full length sequin dress!

Rhodium plated Sterling Silver hollow necklace designed by MANJA Jewellery. Manja is Malagasy for “beauty” and Malay for “pamper” and this fifth generation jewellery brand knows how to indulge women with beautiful things. Pair this chunky chain with a turtleneck to make a fashion statement.
The shiny and polished box chain gives the necklace it's contemporary edge. Striking enough to be worn alone but simple enough to be part of a layered look.

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