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Atelier Petites Pierres

“Jewellery is special because it's a non-verbal communication of your own personal story.”

Adopting the motto ‘Made with Love’, Selin Küçükkayalar founded her eponymous brand with the inspiration of her surname which means Atelier Petites Pierres. After travelling abroad to study her masters, Selin re-evaluated her career and decided to take the path to jewellery accessories and design production. Her visual director sister joined her on this journey and the brand fulfils their dreams and expands the brand rapidly all over the world.
Based in Turkey, Atelier Petites Pierres carve affordable jewels from gold plated sterling silver into symbolic structures, such as the seashell, the moon and the leaf. These minimalist pieces compliment any chosen outfit and make a cool addition to a jewellery collection.

Renowned for: Atelier Petites Pierres is renowned for producing trendy designs from gold plated sterling silver and brass.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Standing out from the crowd with each design, Atelier Petites Pierres create balanced designs that can be adorned at any point of the day.

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