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ARV Swedish Design

“Jewellery is special because it's a non-verbal communication of your own personal story.”

After studying medical genetics at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, designer Alicia Bergsten came up with the idea of creating jewellery inspired by science.
Then, in 2008, she realised that dream, teaming up with a professional silversmith to launch ARV Swedish Design. Working with fine materials such as silver, leather and steel, they handcraft a stunning range of bracelets and necklaces that pay tribute to the scientific world that Alicia loves so much.
From the homage to femininity that is the two X chromosome medallion to the ATCG pendant that references the molecular structure of DNA, Alicia’s work is definitely unique.

Renowned for: Science-inspired, contemporary pieces for everyday wear.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: This is jewellery for those who really want to be different, combining an elegant style with clever references that pay tribute to your inner geek.

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